Posted by Anjali Kaur on May 13, 2020
Global warming is a direct result of a man-made increase in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases because of the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation

Measures To Solve Agricultural Problems

Measures to solve agricultural problems include institutional and technical reforms. In this post, I will be discussing institutional reforms.

 Let’s understand this topic in detail.

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Institutional Reforms

Policymakers of Independent India promoted the use of HYV seeds (high yielding variety seeds) which brought a revolution in Indian agriculture. These reforms are also called agrarian reforms or reforms in Indian agriculture.

  1. Institutional Reforms or Land Reforms: Land reforms refers to change in the ownership of landholdings. These were required to achieve the objective of equity in agriculture. These include-
    1. Abolition of intermediaries: Intermediaries popularly known as Zamindars have been abolished. Ownership rights have been given to those who cultivate the soil. This was done to stop the exploitation of the cultivators by the zamindars.
    2. Land Ceiling: This means fixing the maximum size of land which could be owned by an individual and beyond that limit, the land would be taken over by the government and would be allotted to the landless cultivators and small farmers. The purpose of the land ceiling was to reduce the concentration of land ownership in a few hands and to promote equity in the agricultural sectors.

Land reforms were successful in Kerala and West Bengal because these states had the government committed to the policy of ‘Land to the Tiller‘.

In the next post we will discuss measures to solve agricultural problems through technical reforms.

Read more about the technical reforms.

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