Posted by Anjali Kaur on May 15, 2020

Problems related to the Green Revolution

Due to Covid-19, several problems are originating, like people are not getting a salary for the work they are doing, or are underpaid for their efforts, some students do not have access to the internet to take online classes. But ultimately, we have to move forward and look at the picture from a bigger perspective. As we all know, time heals everything. Similarly, when the green revolution was introduced several problems arose in the agricultural field:

  1. Increase in disparities between small and big farmers: Only big farmers could afford the required inputs i.e., the high yielding variety seeds, thereby big and rich farmers got most of the benefits of the green revolution.
  2. Risk of pest attack: The high yielding variety crops were also more prone to attack by pests and the small farmers who adopted this technology could lose everything in a pest attack.

Photo by Kai Brune on Unsplash

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