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Infrastructure in India During the British rule

Infrastructure in India during British rule refers to the social and organizational structures like buildings, power supplies, roads, street lights, etc. Basic infrastructure such as railways, ports, water transport, posts, and telegraphs development met the British interest. Let’s see the agenda behind the development of Infrastructure in India during the British rule:

  • Roads: The objective of the Britishers to develop roads in India primarily served two motives; the purpose of mobilizing the army within India, and for drawing out the raw materials from the countryside to the nearest railway station or the port, to send them to England.
  • Railways: Railways were introduced in India in the year 1853. It was considered as one of the most significant contributions by the Britishers in India. The railways affected the structure of the Indian economy in two ways. Firstly, it enabled people to undertake long-distance travel. Secondly, it increased the commercialization of Indian agriculture which adversely affected the self-sufficiency of the village economies in India.
  • Inland trade and Sea lanes: Britishers took some measures to develop the Inland trade and Sea lanes, but these measures were far from satisfactory. The inland waterways were uneconomical.
  • Electric Telegraph: The introduction of the expensive system of the electric telegraph in India, served the purpose of maintaining law and order. The postal services were useful for the public but it remained inadequate.

All these points was the history of infrastructure development in India.

Positive Impact of Railways in India During the British rule

  • The cheap and rapid movement of people from one place to another.
  • Increased commercialization of Indian Agriculture.
  • India‚Äôs Industrial sector developed due to the expansion of railways.
  • The increased volume of export (but it did not give many advantages to Indian people).

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