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What Are The Causes Of Poverty?

We have already seen the meaning of poverty Now is the time to know the reason that leads to poverty. But before jumping into the causes, I would like to categorize poverty into; Chronic Poor, Transient Poor, and Non-Poor. Let’s understand these categories in brief.

Categorizing Poverty

  1. Chronic Poor: It includes people who are always or who are usually poor. Example; Casual workers.
  2. Transient Poor or Churning Poor: It includes occasional poor who regularly move in and out of poverty. Example; Small farmers, seasonal workers.
  3. Non-Poor: Well, this is the easiest. It includes those who are never poor.

Now is the time to look at the common causes of poverty.

Causes Of Poverty

  1. Population: The most common and well-known fact of poverty is a high population that leads to a fall in per capita availability of goods and services.
  2. Unemployment: Not able to create sufficient job opportunities for the existing population is also the cause of poverty. No income means being poor.
  3. Lack of infrastructure facilities: Especially in the agricultural sector, the non-availability of infrastructure facilities like inadequate irrigation facilities makes the poverty situation more severe.
  4. Unequal Distribution of Income: Due to economic reforms the gap between rich and poor increased.
  5. Corruption: Government launch several programs to help the poor people, but due to unmotivated and corrupted government official, these programs failed to be successful
  6. Lack of vocational training: People need to be taught how to earn their living rather than just theoretical knowledge of books. They should be given practical exposure by giving them vocational training.

Check out the slideshow below on poverty:

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