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Worksheet on Sustainable Development

For attempting the worksheet on Sustainable development, please go through the following topics thoroughly:

  1. What is sustainable economic development?
  2. Global Warming
  3. What is sustainable development?
  4. What are the strategies to achieve sustainable development in India?

If you have revised the above concepts than attempt the below mentioned worksheet. Let’s see.

Worksheet – Sustainable Economic Development

1. What is meant by environment?

2. What happens when the rate of resource extraction exceeds that of their regeneration?

3. Classify the following into renewable and non-renewable resources

(i) trees (ii) fish (iii) petroleum (iv) coal (v) iron-ore (vi) water.

4. Two major environmental issues facing the world today are ____________ and _____________.

5. What is sustainable economic development?

6. What are the functions of the environment?

7. Identify six factors contributing to land degradation in India.

8. Explain how the opportunity costs of negative environmental impact are high.

9. Outline the steps involved in attaining sustainable development in India.

10. India has abundant natural resources —substantiate the statement.

11. Is environmental crisis a recent phenomenon? If so, why?

12. Give two instances of

(a) Overuse of environmental resources

(b) Misuse of environmental resources.

13. State any four pressing environmental concerns of India. Correction for environmental damages involves opportunity costs — explain.

14. Explain the supply-demand reversal of environmental resources.

15. Account for the current environmental crisis.

16. Highlight any two serious adverse environmental consequences of development in India. India’s environmental problems pose a dichotomy

— they are poverty induced and, at the same time, due to affluence in living standards — is this true?

17. What is sustainable development?

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