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Is Bread Always Considered As A Consumer Good?

Today, I have decided to answer a question from national income accounting. This question is very common and readily available in many books and other online sources. I would also…

10 things I learned from my 50 blog posts.

I have been writing this blog for the past 50 days, so I would like to share my experience for those who want to start blogging or don’t even know…

Circular Flow Of Income: In The Two-Sector model

This is an important topic from National Income which we should know if we are good economics experts. The Circular Flow Of Income shows how income circulates in any economy.…

World Trade Organization (WTO)

This is one of the important international organization, that must be clear to the commerce students. India is a member of The World Trade Organization (WTO) and currently, it has…

What is Globalization?

After going through Economic reforms, and it’s two main elements that are Liberalization and, Privatization now is the time to discuss the third and final element of New Economic Policy…

What Is Privatization?

As we have discussed why the economic reforms were introduced in India and what these new policies include? Now is the best time to discuss its elements, we have discussed…

What is Liberalization?

Well, when we learned about New Economic Policy we also discussed in brief its elements and why reforms were introduced in India. In today’s post, we will be discussing the…

What is Opportunity Cost?

Heard a common saying; ‘opportunity never knocks twice. So, let’s understand the meaning of opportunity cost, to make wiser decisions.

What Causes Production Possibility Curve To Shift?

This is one of the most searched questions on Google, and I am going to answer this on my blog. We have already learned the meaning of Production Possibility Curve,…

Poverty Alleviation Programs

Today, I will write about the Indian Government programs for the removal of poverty. We have already done the meaning of Poverty and the causes behind poverty. You can click…

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