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How to get started in Economics?

Students who are new to economics, they often get confused whether this subject adds any value or are they even interested in going through this subject. This post is only…

What are the Factors Affecting the Price Elasticity of Demand?

Price elasticity of demand refers to the responsiveness of quantity demanded due to change in its price. So, in short, price elasticity of demand shows, how demand gets affected due…

Difference between a movement along the demand curve and shift in demand

We have gone through in detail the change in demand and change in quantity demanded. I was getting some requests to provide a proper difference between a movement along the…

How to calculate GDP with Income Method?

We have done the basic conversion in national income, which helped us in understanding the GDP calculation under the value-added method. Now, the second method to calculate GDP is the…

What is Marketing Management?

Marketing management is the management of all activities related to marketing. It refers to planning, organizing, directing, and controlling which results in the exchange of goods and services. Let’s discuss…

Learn how to solve numerical on price elasticity of demand

Numerical on Price Elasticity of Demand

After learning the law of demand, meaning, and formulas of price elasticity of demand. Now, we will understand how to solve the numerical on the price elasticity of demand. I…

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

A beautiful quote by Benjamin Franklin, states if you don’t plan for your future than you will fail. To do Planning, you need to be innovative and creative because planning…

Value Added Method

Value Added Method of National Income

There are 3 main methods for calculating National Income; Value-added method, Income method, and the Expenditure method. Today, I will be explaining the value-added method but To understand this method…

7 Lessons I Learned from Writing Every Day for 100 Days

7 Lessons I Learned from Writing Every Day for 100 Days

First of all, thank you so much for such a positive response to this blog. You have been an incredible audience, and I appreciate every one of you. I have…

Price Elasticity of Demand

What is the Price Elasticity of Demand?

This is one of the most scoring topics in microeconomics. Since you all have gone through the concept of demand, now in this post I will be explaining the meaning…

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