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Problems and Solutions to Unemployment in India

When we learned about types of employment, we came to see that India has a formal and informal sector of employment. Now when a person is able and willing to…

Formal and Informal Sector of Employment

Employment is an activity which enables a person to earn, that is, a person gives his services and gets paid in return. So, if all those who are willing and…

Change in Demand and Change in Quantity Demanded

The above-mentioned terms look similar. Isn’t it? But they are different from each other, and I know that students find them to be very confusing. Let me help you understand…

Agricultural Diversification

What is the Agricultural Diversification?

To develop the rural sector, we need to focus on alternative options related to agriculture. Diversification means having other alternative options. The need for agricultural diversification arises from the fact…

Sources of rural credit

Sources of Rural Credit

Rural development is an important pillar for any country’s successful development and growth. We have seen the meaning of rural development, key issues faced by India for rural development, and…

What are investments?

What is the gross and net investment?

I will be discussing some specific terms under investments from the national income accounting point of view. I know there are several types of investments, feel free to leave your…

What are the causes of the downward sloping demand curve?

Hi everyone. We have seen the types of the demand curve, the law of demand, and the exceptions to the law of demand. Now, is the time to discuss the…

Law of demand

The law of demand and its determinants

We have seen the meaning and types of the demand curve. Today, I will be explaining the law of demand and its determinants. Determinants of demand are also known as…

Exceptions to the law of demand

The law of demand: Exceptions

The exceptions to the law of demand mean the goods or conditions where the law of demand is not applicable or does not operate. The law of demand states an…

Relations & Functions

What are the Functions?

After doing Relations in maths, the next topic under algebra is a function and its types. The function is a rule that connects every element of a non-empty set ‘A’…

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