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What Is Poverty?

This is one of the most common problems faced by many economies in the world (irrespective of there development levels). It means, even developed countries suffer from this challenge. To…

What is National Income?

One of the most scoring and my favorite topic in macroeconomics is ‘National Income’. In some schools, teachers have already started with macroeconomics. National income is the sum of the…

What Are The Different Types Of Sets?

So far we have discussed the meaning of Sets and How we write the elements of a set? Now, we will see different types of sets: The following are the…

Production Possibility Curve

This topic is one of the initial concepts in the microeconomics subject. Every economics student from school to college studies Production Possibility Curve. Let’s understand this concept in simple language.

What Are The Central Problems of The Economy?

I noticed some posts regarding the central problems of the economy. So, I thought I should also explain this. Thanks to Facebook group members, who are so supportive and full…

What Do We Mean By An Economy?

Well, ‘Economy’ and ‘Economics’ are two different terms when we say ‘Economics’ we focus on the distribution of resources in such a way that human maximum wants can be satisfied…

What Is The New Economic Policy Of India?

This one is an important question, especially if you are preparing for any competitive exam, you must know this as a bare minimum. We have already discussed what led to…

Why Were The Economic Reforms Introduced In India?

Well, when I googled for ‘Economic Reforms‘ then I came to know, that this is one of the most asked questions: Why were the Economic Reforms introduced in India? What…

What are the Different Types of Numbers?

A common question asked by the students is ‘what are the different types of numbers in Maths or Applied Mathematics’? Let’s discuss it, as it will also help you all…

Introduction To Economics

Some common questions that students who are starting economics ask are “What is Economics?” , “What we will study in this subject?” and so on. Let’s answer your questions related…

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