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State of Indian agriculture during the British rule

Indian Agriculture during the British rule

Agriculture in India forms the base of India’s economy. It is the primary occupation for the Indians. India’s economy under the British colonial rule remained fundamentally agrarian, about 85% of the country’s population lived mostly in villages and derived livelihood directly or indirectly from agriculture. Even then the agriculture sector continued to experience stagnation.

State of the Indian Economy during the British rule

What was the state of the Indian economy on the eve of independence?

The Colonial government followed the policies of protection and promotion of their home country economic interest rather than developing the Indian economy. These policies transformed India into a supplier of raw materials and consumers of finished industrial products from Britain

The Factors Affecting Financing Decisions

The financing decision is the second most important decision which the finance manager has to take while deciding the source of finance. In this post, we will learn about the…

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