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Blogging for 150 days non-stop

Blogging for 150 days non-stop

Blogging for 150 days non-stop

Numerical on the Price Elasticity of Supply

In this post, I will be explaining the methods to solve numerical on the price elasticity of supply. I will be explaining the types of problems as well. Let’s start…

The Average and Marginal Propensity to Consume

Hi there. In this post, I will be writing about the important points related to the average and marginal propensity to consume. I will recommend you to read my post…

Propensity To Consume and Propensity To Save

The propensity to consume means willingness to consume and propensity to save means willingness to save. In this post, we will learn about these 2 concepts in detail. Let’s learn more…

Advertising in Promotion Mix

Advertising is used as an element or as an ingredient under the promotion mix. It means advertising plays an important role to promote any product. Advertising in the promotion mix…

Aggregate demand

Aggregate demand is an important element for determining the income level, consumption expenditure, investment expenditure, government expenditure, and net exports. In this post, we will focus on the aggregate demand…

What is the Perfect Market?

Hi there! It’s Saturday ‘Answer the subscribers’ post. I have got answers to subscribers questions. If you want answers to your questions just Subscribe to us. Let’s have a look…

Promotion – Marketing Management

Promotion in marketing management or in general refers to the use of communication with the objective of informing potential customers about the product and persuading them to buy it. Since…

The Price Elasticity of Supply

The Price Elasticity of Supply

The price elasticity of supply is a measure of the responsiveness of the quantity supplied to the change in the price of the commodity. It is also defined as the…

Change in quantity supplied & Change in supply

Changes in quantity supplied and movement along the supply curve are the same. Changes in supply and shift in supply are the same. These concepts are about the supply curve.…

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