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Practice Test on Economics, Class XII

Practice Paper 1

Practice Paper 1 on Social Studies – Class X, CBSE curriculum.

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1. BMI stands for

a. Building, Manufacturing and IT

b. Building, Manufacturing and Infrastructure

c. Body Mass Index

d. Body, Mind and Industry

Answer. C. Body Mass Index

2. World Bank Development ______ Reports are used for classifying countries as rich, low income, etc.

a. National Income

b. Per Capita

c. GDP

d. Mortality rate

Answer. b. Per Capita

3. The average income of a citizen of a country is also known as _______

Answer. Per Capita Income

4. The resource planning was introduced in India in the

a. First Five-year Plan

b. Third Five-year plan

c. Fifth five-year plan

d. Seventh five-year plan

Answer. a. First Five-year Plan

5. The resources obtained from biosphere and having life are known as:

a. Biotic Resources

b. Abiotic Resources

c. Renewable Resources

d. Non-renewable resources

Answer. a. Biotic Resources

6. Declaration on Global Change and Biological Diversity was signed in ____

Answer. 1992

7. A society that is so ideal that it is unlikely to actually exist is called_____

Answer. Utopian society

8. The most celebrated Italian freedom fighter who led to the famous expedition of the thousand to South Italy was______

a. Giuseppe Mazzini

b. Friedrich Wilhelm

c. Giuseppe Garibaldi

d. Ernest Renan

Answer. c. Giuseppe Garibaldi

9. The treaty of Constantinople that recognized Greece as an independent nation was signed in the year_________

a. 1830

b. 1831

c. 1832

d. 1833

Answer c. 1832

10. The power-sharing among different levels of the Government is known as:

a. Regional Control

b. Centralization

c. Vertical Distribution of Power

d. Government Control

Answer. c. Vertical Distribution of Power

11. Gram Panchayats in India are an example of _____ power-sharing.

Answer. Vertical

12. Which of the following is an example of horizontal distribution of power in India?

a. Among Central, State and Local Government

b. The sharing of power among legislature, executive and Judiciary

c. Sharing of power between different religious groups

d. None of these.

Answer. b. The sharing of power among a legislature, executive and Judiciary

13. Which is the most important energy resource of India?

Answer. Hydroelectric

14. Assertion (A): India does not accord official status to any particular religion. Reason (R): Communalism is one of the major challenges before Indian democracy.

a. Both A and R are true and R gives correct explanation of A.

b. Both A and R are correct but R does not give correct explanation of A.

c. A is true but R is false.

d. A is false but R is true.

Answer. b. Both A and R are correct but R does not give a correct explanation of A.

15. Which of the following is not correctly matched?

Answer. Naurora and Multipurpose Project

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