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The Age of Industrialization

The Age of Industrialization, History, Class X, CBSE. Practice and mail me the answer to get your name recognized on this blog post.

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The Age of Industrialization

1. Who devised the Spinning Jenny?

2. Name the first industrial country in the world.

a. France b. India
c. Britain d. Germany

3.How did urban merchants acquire trade monopoly?

a. The old merchants had won over the weavers and artisans.

b. The powerful members of guild had bribed the rulers

c. The European company secured the monopoly right and gave concessions from the local court:

d. The rulers were powerful that they did not allow new merchants to enter into the field of trade.

4. Coarser cotton was produced in many countries but the finer varieties camefrom which country?

5. The paid servants from East India company were called_______

6. Who published ‘Dawn of the Century’?

7. Assertion:(A) The shift from old ports of Surat and Hoogly to the new ports was an indicator of the growth of colonial power.
Reason :(R) Trade through new ports came to be controlled by Indian merchants , which was carried by European ships.

a.A is correct and R is the correct explanation of A.

b. A is correct but R is incorrect.
c.A is correct but R is not the correct explanation of A.

d. Both A and R are incorrect.

8. Name the port on the Coromandel coast that had its trade links with the Southeast Asian ports.

9. What were the signs of progress apart from railways ?(any 2)

10. Why were there frequent clashes between the gomastha and the weavers?

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