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What are some important questions on Measures of Central Tendency?

In this post we will learn; What are some important questions on Measures of Central Tendency?

Q1. If in an asymmetrical distribution median is 28 and mean is 31. What will be the value of mode?


Mode = 3 Median – 2 Mean

Mode = (3 x 28) – (2 x 31) = 84 – 62

Mode = 22

Q2. The mean of 10 items was 70. Later on it was found out that one item 92 was misread as 29. What was the correct mean?


N = 10

Mean = 70

Mean = Summation of X / N

70 = Summation of X / 10

Summation of X = 70 x 10 = 700 (Wrong Sum)

Correct Sum = 700 – 29 + 92 = 763

Correct Mean = 763/10 = 76.3

Q3. Average marks of 26 students of Section A of class XI is 73 and average marks of 24 students of Section B of class XI is 86. Find out the average marks of class XI.

Solution: Average Marks of A = 73

N1 = 26

Average Marks of B = 86

N2 = 24

Combined Mean = N1 (Mean of A) + N2 (Mean of B) / (n1+n2)

Combined Mean or Average Marks of Class XI = (26 x 73) + (24 x 86) / 50

Combined Mean = 1898 + 2064 / 50 = 3962/50

Average Marks of XI = 79.24

Q4. Calculate arithmetic mean from the following data: (Using assume mean method)

XLess than 10Less than 20Less than 30Less than 40Less than 50

Solution: Arithmetic mean is 30.

Q5. Calculate mode of the following series: (4)



Q6. Calculate median from the following data: (4)

MarksMore than 0More than 10More than 20More than 30More than 40More than 50
No of Students50423828163


Q7. The following series to the daily income of workers employed in a firm. Compute(a) highest income of lowest 50% workers (b) minimum income earned by the top 25% workers and (c) maximum income earned by lowest 25% workers.(6)

Daily Income10-1415-1920-2425-2930-3435-39
Number of Workers5101520105


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