Posted by Anjali Kaur on Jul 25, 2021

Term Wise – Applied Maths Class XI – Session 2021-22

Term Wise – Applied Maths (Code-241) Class XI – Session 2021-22. CBSE curriculum.
The objectives of the course areas are as follows:
a) To develop an understanding of basic mathematical and statistical tools and their applications in the field of commerce (business/ finance/economics) and social sciences.
b) To model real-world experiences/problems into mathematical expressions using numerical/algebraic/graphical representation.
c) To make sense of the data by organizing, representing, interpreting, analyzing, and making meaningful inferences from real-world situations.
d) To develop logical reasoning skills and apply the same in simple problem-solving.
e) To reinforce mathematical communication by formulating conjectures, validating logical arguments, and testing hypotheses.
f) To make connections between Mathematics and other disciplines.

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