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Microeconomics Test

Practice Test 5

Practice test 5 on microeconomics for class XI, CBSE Students. Let’s understand this topic. But before that, please subscribe to our newsletter. It’s free of cost. You can also subscribe to my YouTube…

Production Possibility Curve

Practice Test 3 on Production Possibility Curve

Practice Test 3 on Production Possibility Curve, contains questions related to the introduction of microeconomics, opportunity cost, and production possibility curve. You can also download a PDF at the end…

Practice Test on Economics, Class XII

Practice test 1

Practice test 1- Class XI – Economics, as per CBSE curriculum. A quick note: Subscribe to our website to get answers to your curriculum questions. Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel. But before…

What is the law of diminishing marginal utility?

What is The Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility?

This law is a part of consumer behavior, and it talks about the behavior of the consumer when they consume any commodity in excess. If you want. Then revise; the…

What Do We Mean By An Economy?

Well, ‘Economy’ and ‘Economics’ are two different terms when we say ‘Economics’ we focus on the distribution of resources in such a way that human maximum wants can be satisfied…

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