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Practice Test, Class XII, Economics

Practice Test on Macroeconomics

In this practice test for class XII, Macroeconomics, CBSE. Here, you will find topics like money and banking, the balance of payment, and the government budget. At the end of…

Numerical on the Price Elasticity of Supply

In this post, I will be explaining the methods to solve numerical on the price elasticity of supply. I will be explaining the types of problems as well. Let’s start…

Average Total Cost

Average total cost in economics plays an important role in understanding how the firm cost of production falls over a period. Average total cost comprises average fixed cost and average…

Learn how to solve numerical on price elasticity of demand

Numerical on Price Elasticity of Demand

After learning the law of demand, meaning, and formulas of price elasticity of demand. Now, we will understand how to solve the numerical on the price elasticity of demand. I…

Value Added Method

Value Added Method of National Income

There are 3 main methods for calculating National Income; Value-added method, Income method, and the Expenditure method. Today, I will be explaining the value-added method but To understand this method…

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