Applied Mathematics is related to the application of Math according to economics concepts. You will learn about calculus, algebra and so on.

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Goods and Services Tax

Taxes refer to the charges that are levied on all the goods and services that we buy or sell. Taxes are paid by the individuals to the government that is…

Relations & Functions

What are the Functions?

After doing Relations in maths, the next topic under algebra is a function and its types. The function is a rule that connects every element of a non-empty set ‘A’…


What is Probability?

Probability is a measure of the likelihood of an event to occur. Many events cannot be predicted with total certainty. We can predict only the chance of an event to occur,…

Relations & Functions

Relations & Functions

Relations and functions are part of algebra. Relations are similar to sets, but there are things to know before understanding the concept of relations. Let’s go step by step to…

Sets and Venn diagram

Sets and Venn diagram

We have seen the introduction to sets theory, types of sets, and different types of numbers. Before understanding the usage of sets and Venn diagram in sets theory, we will…

What Are The Different Types Of Sets?

So far we have discussed the meaning of Sets and How we write the elements of a set? Now, we will see different types of sets: The following are the…

What are the Different Types of Numbers?

A common question asked by the students is ‘what are the different types of numbers in Maths or Applied Mathematics’? Let’s discuss it, as it will also help you all…

How To Write The Elements Of a Set?

Let’s see how can we write the elements of a set theory? In order to do so, we have two methods:

Sets and Venn diagram

Applied Mathematics: Set Theory

Well congratulations to all the new commerce students, because you got lucky with the introduction of applied mathematics subjects in your curriculum. This subject is useful for all the commerce…

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