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How to solve national income basic conversion numerically?

We have seen the meaning of national income, some basic formulas, circular flow of income, stock and flow concept, and some more. Now, as per the request of some of…

What are the types of capital used in production?

We have discussed factors of production; there are four factors of production – land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship. Our today’s focus is on the types of capital in the production…

Is Bread Always Considered As A Consumer Good?

Today, I have decided to answer a question from national income accounting. This question is very common and readily available in many books and other online sources. I would also…

Ask Anjali

Microeconomics: Numerical problem on Budget Set

Today, I am going to solve a question asked from me on the ‘Quora platform’. Some of you, who have not studied the concept of income and substitution effect might…

Ask Anjali

What is the welfare effect in terms of areas on the supply and demand graph on the US economy?

I have been asked this question from one of my ex-student on whats-app. Let’s familiarize with some basic terminology before coming to any conclusion: Consumer Surplus is the difference between…

Ask Anjali

Is GDP a good measure for the standard of living?

I received this question request on quora. This is a very common question, you can search it on google as well, and I would also like to do my part,…

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The rightward and leftward shift of the demand curve

The rightward and leftward shift of the demand curve is a common question asked by me when I teach students the concepts of ‘demand and supply.  One basic rule you…

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