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Management as an art

Management As An Art

Management as an art is the skillful and personal application of existing knowledge to achieve desired results. In this post, we will learn some of the most important features of…

Henry Fayol’s 14 Principles of Management

Henry Fayol is known as the father of management studies. In this post, you will get a quick revision of Henry Fayol’s 14 Principles of Management. But let’s learn a…

8 Important Steps in The Staffing Process

staffing process and the steps involved.

Staffing and its importance

What is staffing? – Importance of Staffing

Staffing and its importance.

working capital

Working capital and Factors affecting the same

Working capital refers to an excess of current assets over current liabilities. It can be negative when current liabilities are greater than current assets. The networking capital indicates the liquidity…

Capital Budgeting

Factors affecting capital budgeting decisions

Capital budgeting decisions involve decisions on the fixed or working capital requirements for the business. In this post, we will focus on factors affecting capital budgeting decisions involving fixed capital.…

factors affecting capital structure

Determinants of the optimal capital structure

A capital structure is said to be optimal when the proportion of debt and equity is such that it increases the value of equity shares. In this post, we will…

What is Capital Structure?

Capital structure refers to the proportion of debt and equity used for financing operations of the business. Let’s discuss more about it. Feel free to join my YouTube channel, Facebook group for…

What is Financial Planning? Why is it important?

In this post, we will learn the concept of financial planning, its objectives, and its importance. Concept of Financial Planning It means deciding in advance how much to spend and…

What are the Factors affecting dividend decisions? What is a dividend?

In this post, we will learn about dividends and the factors affecting dividend decisions. Dividend The dividend is that portion of the profit that is distributed to the shareholders. The…

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