Economics is an important subject for all commerce and humanities students. It talks about how money is created or how a person earns their livelihood in the day-to-day routine. You can learn several topics and can request your own topic via the contact form:

  • Introduction To Economics
  • Production Possibility Curve
  • Demand Analysis
  • Supply Analysis
  • Forms of Market
  • Money and Banking
  • National Income
  • Aggregate Demand
  • Aggregate Supply
  • Balance of Payment
  • Government Budget

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7 Things You Should Know About Economics

7 things about Economics

Marginal Rate of Substitution

What is the Marginal Rate of Substitution?

The marginal rate of substitution refers to the rate at which the consumer substitutes one good, to obtain one more unit of the other good. Today, we will understand the…

Indifference curve

What is the indifference curve analysis?

Another important topic in economics after the budget line is the indifference curve analysis. The word ‘Indifference’ means being ‘neutral’ or having no effects at all. An indifference curve is…

Energy- Issues, Challenges and solution

What are some energy problems?

Energy is a crucial part of economic infrastructure. There are several challenges when it comes to energy: it is mostly insufficient in the rural sector, not only due to affordability…

Budget line

The Budget line in economics

This post includes points surrounding the budget line, features of the budget line, and the changes in the budget line. But first, you can go through the meaning of the…

Health Infrastructure

What is the health infrastructure?

Health is the holistic process related to the overall growth and development of the nation. The development of health infrastructure ensures a country of healthy manpower for the production of…

Ask Anjali

What are the sources of generating power?

There are several sources of generating power in India like thermal power, hydro-electric power, and nuclear or atomic power. Today, I am going to provide an explanation of the different…

Rural Credit Needs

What is the Rural Credit system?

Credit stands for the loan given officially from the bank either through paper documents or through the plastic cards (Credit cards). In the same way, we have a rural credit…

Energy as an infrastructure

Importance of Energy Infrastructure

Energy falls under the economic infrastructure category, and it is one of the critical aspects of the development of a nation. Importance of Energy Infrastructure is observed in its numerous…

The budget line

What does the budget line show?

The way we have a budget in our family to look after the household expenditure, in the same way, we use a budget line to show our income levels beyond…

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