Economics is an important subject for all commerce and humanities students. It talks about how money is created or how a person earns their livelihood in the day-to-day routine. You can learn several topics and can request your own topic via the contact form:

  • Introduction To Economics
  • Production Possibility Curve
  • Demand Analysis
  • Supply Analysis
  • Forms of Market
  • Money and Banking
  • National Income
  • Aggregate Demand
  • Aggregate Supply
  • Balance of Payment
  • Government Budget

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What Causes Production Possibility Curve To Shift?

This is one of the most searched questions on Google, and I am going to answer this on my blog. We have already learned the meaning of Production Possibility Curve,…

Poverty Alleviation Programs

Today, I will write about the Indian Government programs for the removal of poverty. We have already done the meaning of Poverty and the causes behind poverty. You can click…

National Income: Formulas & Tricks

We have already discussed the meaning and basics of National Income. Now, as per the request from one student on social media, I am going to discuss some basic conversions…

Production Possibility Curve

This topic is one of the initial concepts in the microeconomics subject. Every economics student from school to college studies the Production Possibility Curve. Let’s understand this concept in simple…

What Are The Central Problems of The Economy?

I noticed some posts regarding the central problems of the economy. So, I thought I should also explain this. Thanks to Facebook group members, who are so supportive and full…

Introduction To Economics

Some common questions that students who are starting economics ask are “What is Economics?” “What we will study in this subject?” and so on. Let’s answer your questions related to…

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