Indian Economy is an important subject for all commerce and humanities students. It talks about how money is created or how a person earns their livelihood in the day-to-day routine. You can learn several topics and can request your own topic via the contact form:

  • Poverty
  • Human Capital Formation
  • Infrastructure
  • Indian Economy
  • LPG
  • British Era
  • Health
  • Rural Development
  • Comparative Study

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What are the sources of Human Capital Formation?

We know the meaning of Human capital formation. We also discussed why education is considered important for the development of a nation? Now, we must learn the types of sources…

How do people become resources?

People become resources through the skills they acquired, through the knowledge they apply, through the productivity they contribute, and through their abilities. To understand this better, we will focus on…

How Is Education Considered To Be An Important Input For The Development Of A Nation?

Remember the famous saying “Education is the only treasure that cannot be stolen from us”. This is true – if you are an educated person, then you can manage and…

What is Demonetization?

Demonetization is a tool that is adopted by countries to solve issues related to inflation, corruption, counterfeiting, etc. This is not a commonly used term, but it is important to…

World Trade Organization (WTO)

This is one of the important international organization, that must be clear to the commerce students. India is a member of The World Trade Organization (WTO) and currently, it has…

What is Globalization?

After going through Economic reforms, and it’s two main elements that are Liberalization and, Privatization now is the time to discuss the third and final element of New Economic Policy…

What Is Privatization?

As we have discussed why the economic reforms were introduced in India and what these new policies include? Now is the best time to discuss its elements, we have discussed…

What is Liberalization?

Well, when we learned about New Economic Policy we also discussed in brief its elements and why reforms were introduced in India. In today’s post, we will be discussing the…

Poverty Alleviation Programs

Today, I will write about the Indian Government programs for the removal of poverty. We have already done the meaning of Poverty and the causes behind poverty. You can click…

What Are The Causes Of Poverty?

We have already seen the meaning of poverty Now is the time to know the reason that leads to poverty. But before jumping into the causes, I would like to…

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