Under this category you will found the base level economics, that is, we will learn economics from an individual point of you. You will find beginners topics related to demand, supply, forms of markets and so on.

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Marginal Rate of Substitution

What is the Marginal Rate of Substitution?

The marginal rate of substitution refers to the rate at which the consumer substitutes one good, to obtain one more unit of the other good. Today, we will understand the…

Indifference curve

What is the indifference curve analysis?

Another important topic in economics after the budget line is the indifference curve analysis. The word ‘Indifference’ means being ‘neutral’ or having no effects at all. An indifference curve is…

Budget line

The Budget line in economics

This post includes points surrounding the budget line, features of the budget line, and the changes in the budget line. But first, you can go through the meaning of the…


Introduction To Microeconomics

Economics is one of the social sciences, which has a great influence on every human being. As economic life and the economy go through changes, it is important to understand…

The budget line

What does the budget line show?

The way we have a budget in our family to look after the household expenditure, in the same way, we use a budget line to show our income levels beyond…

What is the law of diminishing marginal utility?

What is The Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility?

This law is a part of consumer behavior, and it talks about the behavior of the consumer when they consume any commodity in excess. If you want. Then revise; the…

What is Opportunity Cost?

Heard a common saying; ‘opportunity never knocks twice. So, let’s understand the meaning of opportunity cost, to make wiser decisions.

What Causes Production Possibility Curve To Shift?

This is one of the most searched questions on Google, and I am going to answer this on my blog. We have already learned the meaning of Production Possibility Curve,…

Production Possibility Curve

This topic is one of the initial concepts in the microeconomics subject. Every economics student from school to college studies Production Possibility Curve. Let’s understand this concept in simple language.

What Are The Central Problems of The Economy?

I noticed some posts regarding the central problems of the economy. So, I thought I should also explain this. Thanks to Facebook group members, who are so supportive and full…

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