Statistics is a very important branch of economics. It forms the core and base to understand various economics concepts:

Statistics include:

  • Introduction to statistics
  • Singular statistics
  • Plural statistics
  • Measures of Central Tendency
  • Measures of Dispersion
  • Correlation and Regression
  • Rank
  • Index Numbers
  • Price Index

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What are some important questions on Measures of Central Tendency?

In this post we will learn; What are some important questions on Measures of Central Tendency? Q1. If in an asymmetrical distribution median is 28 and mean is 31. What…

Finding missing Frequency in case of Median

Finding missing frequency in the case of the median involves, using the median formula as median will be given in the question. Then the application of the formula will be…

Median Under Less Than Cumulative Frequency Distribution

Median is the mid-value of any given series. To find median under less than cumulative frequency distribution, when continuous series is given to us. We need to correct the class…

Calculating Combined Arithmetic Mean

Combined arithmetic means involves the series as a whole. Calculating combined arithmetic mean is generally used when 2 or more series are involved. Let’s take a look. Feel free to…

Calculating Weighted Arithmetic Mean

Under weighted arithmetic mean, sometimes we may give greater significance to some items and less to others. In the case of working women; the priorities are different, family will be…

Calculating Correct Arithmetic Mean

One of the easiest and scoring topics under arithmetic mean is calculating the correct arithmetic mean. No need to learn complicated formulas, just remember the individual series direct method formula…

Inclusive and Exclusive Series – Arithmetic Mean

Exclusive series is the most common one, where we have class intervals like; 0-10, 10-20, etc. Inclusive series is the one where the class intervals are like; 0-9, 10-19, 20-29,…

Calculation of Arithmetic Mean in Case of Cumulative Frequency Distribution

A cumulative frequency distribution can be in the form of less than cumulative frequency distribution or in the form of more than cumulative frequency distribution. In this post, we will…

Continuous Series Arithmetic Mean

Continuous series is the third series followed by individual and discrete series. It is also known as the frequency distribution. Under this series, we have X and F, where F…

Discrete Series Arithmetic Mean

Discrete series is the second type of series. Discrete series is also known as the ungrouped frequency distribution. Under this series, we have X and F, where F is the…

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